Introduction to My Project: For my project, I wanted to         incorporate music into traveling, so I came up with the name, Perform & Travel, where artists can enjoy the specific destination they are at whilst still performing in the venue they were booked for. Perform & Travel takes care of both of those things, we can book you at a venue, and book some cool attractions and places to go to during your time at your destination! This is so that you don't miss out on enjoying the place you are traveling to, and still get to perform there as well.

These are two user personas I made before I made my sitemap, prototypes, and website.


For my sitemap, I wanted to be sure to include 3 navigation pages, one for About, one for Attractions, and one for Venues. I wanted it to be a 3 page website with easy accessible navigation to guide you through the website.


For my wireframes, I was able to layout how my website wanted to look, without any real detail. The main focus of this for me was where and how I wanted to display my content for my website.

Mockups & Prototypes:

For my mockups and prototypes I was able to continue what I did for my wireframes, but this time, add all my content, and design how I want the actual website to look. Before going into it, I already knew what color theme I wanted, and type of typography I was looking for, so it made it a bit easier. My greatest challenge with the mockups was figuring out the perfect size of each image and font to fit on such a narrow screen. 

Final Product:
Conclusions & Things I'd Change:

I am pretty happy about how my website came out in the end, but if I were to make changes or expand on it, it would definitely be to add more information to the site, add a contact page, and make there be more animations.

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